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      Service Hotline:0513-83351077 Tel:0513-833519400513-83841007
      The Nantong Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co., LTD is situated in the coastal open city on the north bank of Yangtze entrance---Qidong City in Jiangsu. The company facing Shanghai and Shanghai Pudong Development Zone in the other bank of Yangtze River has unique communication and location advantages.
      The Nantong Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd for time long, is one of professional enterprises in China in the development and production of equipments, such as mixers, separators, filter, silencers, flame arresters, sucking valves, samplers, sight glass, star-shaped disposal valves, spiral conveyers, zero gravity particle mixer, ribbon conveyers, new-type structured packing, filter elements, and filter bags and so on. With powerful technical force, the company can produces more than 10 types of products with 4000 varieties, which have been used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, biological engineering, medical, metal, light industrial and food industries and exported to foreign countries in the east European, south-east Asia, the Middle East, the middle Asia regions. The Company has become a backbone enterprise to produce mixing, separation and filter equipments in China. The company has passed the ISO9001 QC system attestation, become a member of resource market of China Petroleum & Chemical Company Ltd. and a qualified material supplier for China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Company Ltd, Donghua Science & Technology Company, China Chengda Chemical Engineering Company Ltd, China Hualu Engineering Company Ltd, China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute, Ningbo Engineering Company Ltd of China Petroleum & Chemical Company Ltd.
      ¡°Keeping good faith and sincerity, striving for excellence forever¡± is the purpose of Nantong Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co. Ltd. The company will win and still win better prestige by way of ¡°technical innovation, product development and market expansion¡±.
      Warmly welcome all friends to attend our company!